Real World Gardener How to Make Beeswax Wraps In The Good Earth

May 23rd, 2019


 Beeswax wraps.

Plastic is back in the media as being bad for the environment, so much so, that some countries have banned the use of plastic bags.

Soft plastics such as what you use for wrapping your sandwiches are just as much of a problem as the bags because, it doesn’t break down ever.

So what else can you wrap your sandwiches in other than putting it in a plastic container?

So let’s find out.


Beeswax wraps for food storage

I'm talking with Margaret Mossakowska, Director of and course coordinator for Permaculture North in Sydney.


PLAY: Beeswax wraps_15th May 2019 (rpt 14th June 2017)

You can spend the dollars and buy the ready-made beeswax wraps, or you can do it yourself quite cheaply. 

How to Make Beeswax wraps

12 grams Beeswax

40 x 40 cm piece of cotton. Quilting cotton density.

Jojoba oil in a spray bottle.

So go on, kick the plastic habit and make some beeswax wraps yourself

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