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September 27th, 2018


White Fly Control

Are you experiencing a cloud of insects fly up when you disturb some of your plants?

Maybe you’ve had that in the past and haven’t been successful in removing them from a particular plant.


Whitefly infestation

If that’s the case, there’s things you can do about it before that cloudburst of insects descends onto your garden.

Let’s find out .


Sweet Potato Whitefly

I'm talking with Steve Falcioni, Marketing Manager of


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Are you surprised that there’s several species of whiteflies?

Shooing them away every time you go out into the garden isn’t successful. 

The numbers will soon build up into the hundreds even thousands.

Symptoms:What To Look For:

  • Don't confuse them with scale, because the whitefly juvenile stage can look like scale.
  • If your not 100% sure that it's whitefly larvae that you're looking at,there are other symptomes to look for.
  • Whitefly are sap suckers and will ssuck the chorophyll ( green part) out of the leaves.
  • Whitefly also produce mass of honey dew to which, sooty mould will settle.


  1. You must take action because whiteflies suck the sap out of your plants’ leaves. 
  2. Botanical oils work the best but you need to be able to spray under the leaves. 
  3. Using a pump action sprayer with help with the underneath the leaves. 
  4. Do a follow up spray 3-5 days apart to get the juvenilies. 
  5. Neem is approved overseas for this problem on edibles but only on ornamentals in Australia. 
  6. Encourage lacewings into your garden because the love whitefly as much as they love aphids. 

If you have any questions about controlling whitefly either for me or for Steve, why not email or write in to 2RRR P.O. Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675.

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