Real World Gardener Heuchera is Plant of the Week

July 11th, 2018


Heuchera species.

Gardening isn’t just about the flowers you know.


There are plants that have leaves in a kaleidoscope of colours with names like Pink Fizz, Champagne,  Gumdrops, and Forever Purple.

Heuchera is also great for dry shade in places where root competition won't allow most plants to grow.

There’s got to be one that will inspire you to plant into your garden.


I'm talking with Jeremy Critchley owner of and Karen Smith editor of 

Let's find out about them

Heuchera's have a shallow root system and are perfect for greenwalls of any kind.

Jeremy mentioned that Heuchera loves cooler weather and the Autumn/Winter months is the time when the grow most of their Heuchera varieties.

These plants tolerate shady condtions and will cope with being an indoor plant for quite a few months.

Darker leafed varieties can cope with full sun, but it's best to try them on in a sunny location first before planting them into the ground.

In colder climates, to protect them from frost damage, lay a 2 cm layer of thick straw mulch around the plants. 

Heuchera's have a shallow root system and are also perfect for greenwalls of any kind.

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