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August 30th, 2015

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with Karen Smith editor of and Jeremy Critchley owner

Don’t you just love the way garden marketing gurus name new plants.

Take last week’s Pelargoniums. We had Big Red and Big pink.

Hemizygia1.pngThis week we have Hemizygia Candy Kisses or Mauve Magic.

Sounds more like a sweet, or a lollipop, perhaps even an energy drink, probably not that, but it’s a plant?

But it’s not just the marketers that are having a field day with this plant.

The botanical name is a doozy too.

In any case, you’ll want to have one of these that’s for sure.

Hemizygia Candy Kisses is an attractive, upright, perennial shrub that produces a delightful display of pink flowers that are highlighted by its stunning variegated foliage.

Short days initiate flowering that would mean it flowers in winter.


The flowers are produced in sprays of flowers which are prominently held above the foliage.

Candy Kisses can be grown for its flowers or foliage.

For best results plant in a sunny to partly shaded position in moist well-drained soil.

Prefers a warm, frost free position.

Spent flowers should be removed after flowering.

An ideal garden specimen well suited to cottage gardens, containers and tubs or as a general feature plant.

Grows to 1m high x 80cm wide.

You would buy this plant just for the leaves, especially around Christmas, because the leaves are that dark green with cream edges and almost look like variegated holly.


Without the prickliness of course, and the stems are sort of succulent.

Beats hollies any time because it will flower with a spectacular show although flowering is initiated by short day length so that means it flowers in winter.

Still, the leaves give all year round interest.

Want one? Yes, what gardener wouldn’t want something new.


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