Real World GArdener Green Colours in Design Elements

June 28th, 2015

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with garden designer Lesley Simpson

This series is all about colour in the garden.


Do you ever think about the colour of the leaves and grass in your garden as being part of your colour scheme?

Of course, green’s a colour and it’s in your garden. So unless you’re making the effort to only use grey or silver leaved plants in your garden, you will have some amount of green there. Possibly too much green.


original%2Bcolour%2Bwheel.jpgDid you know that the first colour wheel has been attributed to Sir Isaac Newton?

colour%2Bwheel.jpgNewton in 1706 arranged red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet into a natural progression on a rotating disk.

But it was in 1810  that a Mr Goethe Farbkreis introduced the first systematically organized colour wheel?

His observations on the effect of opposed colours led him to a symmetric arrangement of his colour wheel, where he wrote "for the colours diametrically opposed to each other… are those which reciprocally evoke each other in the eye."


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