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October 28th, 2016

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Hand watering is often necessary to top up natural rainfall or irrigation.

Except you’re sick of continually buying watering nozzles for your garden because they keep breaking down and just not working.


So you go down to the garden centre or big box store to see what is on offer because those cheap supermarket ones don’t seem to last.

There are three main types:(1)-hand held jet nozzle and (2) pattern or dial nozzle that can have up to 8 patterns  that include jet, mist, shower and soaker.(3)watering wand or elongated nozzle.

So which one should you get and is it money well spent?

This next segment answers all those questions.

Let’s find out .I'm talking with Tony Mattson general manager of

PLAY: Watering Nozzles_19th October 2016

It would seem the plastic watering nozzles are not an investment unless you want to buy one every few months.

Then you have to decide if you’re the sort of gardener that likes that dial with lots of different patterns or is quite happy with that sturdy jet nozzle that fans out to do the garden bed.

The blokes seems to go for the jet nozzle so they can hose down the path, wash the car and maybe fan out the water so it does a bit of the garden.

The ladies on the other hand prefer the dial type of nozzle with a variety of patterns.

Tony mentioned that often these nozzles clog up and either don't turn off or stop working properly because of either calcium build up or dirt.

Look for ones that you can clean out, such as pictured below from the Cut Above Tools Range.

Made of sturdy metal, the back can be removed and cleaned out.


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