Real World Gardener Gouldian Finch in Wildlife in Focus

July 2nd, 2020


Common Name: Gouldian Finch

Scientific Name: Erytrura gouldiae

Named after renowned British ornothological artist John Gould.
This next bird is one of the prettiest Australian birds but it is endangered. 
It’s very small and would fit into your hand weighing only 14 grams. 
As with most birds of this type (finches, the Gouldian) it’s a quiet enough bird that peeps and sings a little. 

They make a pleasant sound that is doubtful to wake you up or create a problem with neighbours, though it is persistent. Gouldian%2Bfinch.jpg
I'm talking with Dr Holly Parsons of 
Let’s find out about it. 

Gouldian finch are also known as Goulds, Lady Gouldian and rainbow finch in other parts of the world are Holly’s opinion, one of the most beautiful birds in Australia.

Most one known as a pet for aviaries. 
erytrura-gouldiae2.jpgBeautifully coloured birds with a green back, purple chest and yellow side feathers, but
25% of the population has a red face, 74% have a black face and about 1% have a yellow face.
Young birds are surprisingly  dull brown coloured and become vibrantly coloured as they mature.
In the wild they are found along creek lines, and mangroves. 
Partially migratory, and usually quiet. 
Outside the breeding season, they move closer to the coast, but once breeding starts they move inland.
They nest in hollows in trees and termite mounds.
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