Real World Gardener Gorgeous Luculia is Plant of the Week

June 16th, 2017




Luculia gratissima

Without realizing, the shrubs featured this week and last week are old fashioned shrubs but with outstanding features. 


Luculia gratissima

And just like undersized potatoes or oversized apples, they who make decision in the big stores that sell plants, have decided that they won’t be available to the home gardener.

So if you’re looking for a winter flower shrub or small tree with masses of pink fragrant flowers, this one’s for you?

Let’s find out more… I'm talking with the plant panel :Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal and Jeremy Critchley, The Green Gallery wholesale nursery owner.


If you get a whiff of gardenias one morning in late autumn, it probably means that someone nearby is growing Luculia (Luculia spp.). 

Although Luculia and gardenia are in the same family of plants and share the same delicate fragrance, the timing of their magnificent scented flowers is different.

Luculia is evergreen and grows to around 3 metres eventually.

While the flowers make an impressive display, the leaves not so much.

The foliage shall we say get’s a little untidy, but gardeners grow it for the flowers not the leaves.Pruning: Luculia flowers on new wood, so pruning is best done after flowering. 

You can prune mature Luculias quite hard to tidy them up, should you be lucky enough to have one growing in your garden.

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