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September 25th, 2015

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Xanthostemon chrysantha, Golden Penda

golden%2Bpenda.pngTalking with the Plant Panel; Karen Smith editor of and Jeremy Critchley owner

Just imagine if you were looking at plants at a plant fair and you saw something that you were pretty sure had never been seen anywhere else before?

If you love yellow in the garden, especially yellow flowers, you’ll want this shrub.

The flowers have been described like a golden powderpuff, or like the flowers of a bottlebrush but round.


The leaves are in whorls around the stems.

The flowers are pretty showy so let’s find out what it is. 

Golden Penda is in the same family as all Lilly Pillies so the powderpuff like flowers are no surprise.

What is a surprise is that if you live in cool temperate climates, you can grow this tree indoors.


No need to worry about it reaching for the roof because you can hard prune it every year to keep it bushy.

In a garden situation it only grows to 5m but more in it's natural habitat.

Golden Penda is a spectacular, medium to large rainforest tree with a dense, spreading crown of  dark green, glossy foliage and contrasting reddish new growth.

The bark is rough and scaly with showy, dense clusters of golden yellow, fluffy flowers on the ends of the branches during summer, autumn and winter. 

The flowers attract nectar feeding birds.
To grow Golden Penda, plant in any well drained soil and keep well watered. 

Prefers warm to hot conditions, but tolerates light frosts and subtropical climates.

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