Real World Gardener Gladiolis for the Vase in Talking Flowers

September 29th, 2017



  1. Gladiolus bulbs are not true bulbs. Gladiolus bulbs, in botanical terminology, are referred to as corms.


  1. A corm is a shortened and thickened section of the stem that appears at the base of the plant. On the corm are buds for each layer of leaves. Except for production of new varieties, Gladioli are not cultivated from seed.
  2. Gladiolus plants are outstanding perennial herbs being semi hardy in temperate climates. 

     They grow from rounded, symmetrical corms that are enveloped in several layers of brownish, fibrous tunics.


Best time is to plant Gladioli bulbs or corms now for Summer flowering.


Rain is usually not enough especially after the plant has grown around 5 sets of leaves.

That’s the time you need to start giving it lots of water.

The new corm and the new roots are formed on top of the old one during the growing season.



Mercedes recommends cut the stalks straight across the stem for vases.

Remember: Burped water which is Merecedes' way of saying, NO TAP WATER, but filtered water or water from the kettle for your vase.

Gladioli only like to sit in a small amount of vase water.

I'm talking with Floristry expert, Mercedes Sarmini about how to get the most vase life from your Gladioli.

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