Real World Gardener Get Planting with Hibiscus Tradewinds in Plant of the Week

May 19th, 2017



 Hibiscus Trade Winds

The flower on this week’s plant of the week is often associated with Hawaii and other tropical places but did you know that it originates in China?

We tend not to think of China as being a tropical place but I would imagine, some districts would have a tropical feel to them, perhaps up north near the coast.

And not all tropical plants are frost tender, so.


Hibiscus Tradewinds-Jeremy holding the flower.

 Let’s find out about this plant. Listen to the podcast.


The plant panel were Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal and Jeremy Critchley, The Green Gallery wholesale nursery owner.


Consider the Hibiscus Tradewinds if you want large decorative flowers and a tropical feel to your garden even if you live in a frosty climate.


As Jeremy said, they Tradewinds can be grown in a pot so you can move it under cover when winter or frosty weather arrives.

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