Real World Gardener Gardening in Tight Spaces part 2 in Design Elements

October 18th, 2018


Gardening in Tight Spaces part 2:

Eco Pillows, grow baskets, and vertical gardens turned on their side.

Tired of hearing about green walls because a) you think they’re too expensive, b) sounds too hard to maintain or c) you’re just not into green walls.

So what else can you have that’s much cheaper, easier to put up and more of what you want?

I'm talking with Peter Nixon, garden designer and director of Paradisus garden design.

Let’s find out more.

If you want a more relaxed style of vertical planting then go for these vertical grow baskets. Pictured are eco-pillows.



In them you can put in plants with pendulous foliage such as:


aeschynanthus, anything from the 

gesneriad family, such as


columnias, and gloxinia sylvatica or whatever you like really.

Of course we did mention that green wall again but this time put it on its side then there’s those eco-pillows.If you have any questions about gardening in tight spaces or have a suggestion either for me or for Peter why not write in or email me at  

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