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November 1st, 2018


Gardening in Tight Spaces part 3: pots

Have you run out of room in your garden or is your garden just too small to do much with?

Never fear, gardening in pots as a great alternative and it doesn’t have to be that hard or look ugly if you choose the right combinations.

There is that initial outlay, but if you choose carefully, your pots will last for years, and not end up cracked and broken.



Let’s find out what it’s all about.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon, garden designer and director of Paradisus garden design.

PLAY: Gardening in tight spaces part 3_24th October 2018


Peter suggests if you want decorative or ornamental plants, why not go for something in the Bromeliad family, especially the large Alcantareas.



Alcantarea heloisae


  •   Alcantareas are sun hardy, such as A. heloisae, A. patriae, A exentensa, A. Glaziouana. 
  • All of these have plasticky hard leaves that put up with harsh exposure. 
  • Then there’s Kalanchoe orgyalis, known as Copper Spoons, or K. hildebrandii, known as silver spoons. 
  • Also, Kalanchoe millottii, and K. blossfeldiana. 
  • You could also choose Aloes but be mindful of the summer heat for these guys. 
  • Finally, the cardboard plant, or Zamia furfuracea. 

If you have any questions about gardening in tight spaces or have a suggestion either for me or for Peter why not write in or email me :

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