Real World Gardener Garden Gloves in Tool Time

December 18th, 2015


Do you wear garden gloves when you’re doing jobs in the garden?

Garden gloves come in all shapes, colours, materials.

Some last really well, others don’t and you probably won’t buy them again.

Garden glove selection; leather gauntlets are good for rose pruning.

But why wear garden gloves?

Let’s find out if wearing gardening gloves is really that important. I'm talking with Tony Mattson, General Manager of

From spider bites, to ingrained dirt, gardening gloves protect your hands but not all gloves will work for all the situations in your garden.

That means you might have to have several different types on hand in the gardening cupboard, or under the sink in the laundry.

Leather gloves for rose pruning or pruning prickly plants, waterproof gloves when digging around in wet soil or potting mix, and all round gloves for general jobs.


Rubber gloves are good for wet work and thermal gloves are great for cold days.



If even you’re just picking up leaves, gardening gloves protect from unexpected nasties lurking amongst them.


Important: Try the gloves before you buy them. 

They need to fit like a ahem, glove. That means there is no space at the top of your fingers and no gap in between the fingers of the gloves. 

All gloves are made to a price point. You can buy them for as little as $5 or as much as $50 dollars.

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