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May 12th, 2013

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Design Elements:

with Garden Designer Lesley Simpson
Older federation gardens knew their
shrubs. You might know of a garden with some large shrubs, probably a bit
unkempt now, that you’ve wondered about?
Some of them have gone out of favour
for no other reason other than fashion or fads. Yes, it happens a lot in garden
design. We seem to be asking for new releases every year. It doesn’t hurt to
look backwards sometimes to examine old favourites.
find out about some of these now?
Of all the old fashioned shrubs,
Chinese Fringe Flower, with it’s dark purple leaves, and Rondeletia, with the
large pink waxy cluster of perfumed flowers are my favourites.
You can still buy them, but may need
a bit of searching or asking around. Maybe even mail order.
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