Real World Gardener Garden Design from Boring to Wow

March 15th, 2013


Design Elements

with Landscape Designer Louise McDaid
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Is you’re garden a thing of envy
from all who pass by, or are there elements in your garden that are, well,

Are there too many or too few
plants in the garden?
Is it all just same shade of green?
Sometimes changing your garden can
create something that when you look at your kitchen window, you can say, “Yeah,
that’s relaxing, I’m just going out for a little look.”
Let’s find out what can help up
put in the wow factor into our garden?
Did you know that there’s a town
called Boring in Oregan USA?
What's more, the local garden centre is called Boring
Square Garden Centre?
I hope you haven’t got that
So even if you’re garden isn’t all
the boring, you can still revamp some part of the garden to make it more fun to
be in.
here were lots of excellent tips
with Louise then and y
can hear that segment again to refresh your ideas.
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