Real World Gardener Garden Challenges Series, Impact Damage on Foliage part 2 in Design Elements

February 27th, 2016

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This garden series with Garden Designer Peter Nixon, is all about garden challenges thrown at us mostly by nature but also due to a situation in your garden that you might need to fix.


Impact damage on Bromeliads

So far we’ve been covering hail damage, but will also cover sun scorch, garden loopers, and a few other odds and sods that aren’t necessarily damage but a garden challenge all the same.


Impact damage on Begonias.


Today’s garden challenge is about foliage dependent damage mainly from hail, but we’re delving more into what you should do with different plants that have been affected.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon, garden designer and

Lots of tips there for Bromeliad, tropical and rainforest gardens.

Don't reach for the secateurs on your Bromeliads that have been split longitudinally.

Leave your plant for a week or two, because the plant may be able to re-direct the starch from the damaged leaves to the growing point, and you'll be depriving the plant from resources to come back with.


Bromeliads with hail/impact damage. Photo M Cannon
If the terminals are intact on your Kalanchoe, you can cut back to just above the bud and it will re-flush.

It may take a year to recover, but it will recover.

For dented type of damage on  succulents such as Crassula, cut that away too.

It’s not just the leaves that get affected by the damage, but take a closer look at the stems, branches and trunk of your trees and shrubs to see if they’ve been hit as well.

If you  have any questions about hail damage in your garden, write in and let us know what happened our email address, or just post it


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