Real World Gardener Garden Challenges Series, Impact Damage on Foliage in Design Elements

February 19th, 2016

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Hail damage on leaves

This garden series with Garden Designer Peter Nixon, is all about garden challenges thrown at us mostly by nature but also due to a situation in your garden that you might need to fix. 
Last week we covered hail damage, sun scorch, garden loopers, and a few other odds and sods that aren’t necessarily damage but a garden challenge all the same.
Today’s garden challenge is impact damage also from hail, but we’re delving more into what you should do with different plants that have been affected.

If you come home to find most of your garden covered in leaves because of a recent storm, wind, hail or something else, don't rake it up and dispose of it, but use it as a surface mulch.

Hail damage on stems

Just make sure the leaves are bunched up against the trunks and stems of plants, otherwise you'll have problems with collar rot or other fungal problems.

Don't dig it in because it's green and will draw down nitrogen from the soil.

Quite often the stems are also impacted so the cambium is stripped off leaving only the heartwood.

It it's only a young plant, then it's best to dig it out because the plant has become to weakened.
If the canopy and branches aren't too badly stripped off, then cut back the ragged ends of the stems as soon as possible.
If you have any questions about hail damage in your garden, write in and let us know what happened our email address, or just post it


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