Real World Gardener Favourite Camellias in Plant of the Week

June 28th, 2018




Camellia japonica 


Camellias originate in China and Japan and if you’ve never grown one, it’s time to start looking at those flowering in people’s gardens and in nursery and garden centres to choose one of your favourites.

Soon you will have a long list of favourites and find it difficult to narrow it down to just one or two.

I asked the plant panel this question, and let’s see what they came up with.


Camellia japonica Lovelight

I'm talking with Jeremy Critchley owner of and Karen Smith editor of


 Favourites mentioned are : Easter Morn; Lovelight, Mrs D. W. Descanso, Betty Cuthbert, Bob Hope.




 Camellias prefer acidic soil so if you like to grow Azaleas and they’re successful in your garden, why not add a backdrop of Camellias or two. 

If you’re short on space, Camellias make good subjects for espalier too.

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