Real World Gardener Fabulous Coastal Pincushion Plant is Plant of the Week

May 5th, 2017



Coastal Silver Edged Pincushion -Leucospermum patersonii


Have you ever been stunned by the flowers of a plant that you felt the need to buy one immediately?

Sure you have, it’s one of those things that gardeners get and it’s so very hard to resist.

This next plant falls into that category and I hope you’ll be inspired to rush out and purchase one.

But first, let’s find out about this plant.


Coastal Pincushion bush photo M Cannon

 I'm talking with the plant panel : Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal and Jeremy Critchley, The Green Gallery wholesale nursery owner.

The silver edged pincushion plant is such an appropriate name for this beauty.

The leaves are a feature with their silvery edges but the flowers, are more so coming in clusters of three.

The added benefit of the closely clasping leaves is that the bush is densely covered.


Leucospermum patersonii photo M Cannon

The flowers are bright orange to crimson and very showy and appear on the bush in groups of three.

Flowering is from July to December.

the coastal Pincushion bush does well in limestone derived soils, therefore alkaline.

However it should do well in most well drained soils around Australia.


What to watch for:

Root rot or phytophthera can cause sudden death for plants in the Proteaceae family.

This can happen after long spells of dry weather followed by a period of heavy rain.

As a preventative measure drench or spray with Phosacid sometimes marketed as Anti-Rot.


If you have any questions about the Silver Edged Pincushion Plant, why not write in to

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