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September 19th, 2018


Edible Flowers

Why Eat Flowers: Did you know that Romans used edible flowers such as mallows, roses and violets in a lot of their dishes?

You’ve probably heard of and even eaten capers, but did you know capers (Capparis spinosa) are the flower buds of a Mediterranean evergreen shrub and have been used to flavour foods and sauces for over 2,000 years?

Edible flowers such as daylilies and chrysanthemums have been used by the Chinese and Greeks for centuries.

Which Flowers? edible%2Bflowers.jpg

  • Nobody says you should tuck into a plate of flowers, because that would be too much. 
  • If you suffer from hayfever, then give eating flowers a big miss as well. 
  • Never eat flowers bought at a flower shop or nursery as these may have been treated with harmful chemical 
  • Another warning, not all flowers are edible, and some are poisonous if you can’t identify the flower, then don’t eat it.

Which Flowers Are Safe?

Ms Calendula

Ms Carnation

Ms Clover  

Ms Cornflower

Ms Dandelions

Ms English Daisy

Mr Gladioli

Ms Hibiscus

Ms Honeysuckle

Ms Lilac

Ms Marigold

Ms Nasturtiums

Ms Pansy

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Ms Queen’s Ann Lace

Ms Rose

Ms Geraniums

Ms Snapdragon

Mr Tulip (petals)

Ms Sunflower

Ms Violets

Ms Poppy (seeds)

Ms Chrysanthemum

Ms Borage


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