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May 13th, 2013

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Wildlife in Focus

with ecologist and bird expert, Kurtis Lindsay

It’s a pity more birds don’t hang around for us to peer at and marvel at their birdsong and colouring, but maybe we should get up earlier.

You may have heard the sound before and wondered about what bird could’ve been making it. That’s if you’re up at the crack of dawn.

Let’s find out more

Eastern Yellow Robins prefer an understorey canopy of tall shrubs with a canopy of small to large trees. Think of this as two layers in your garden.

Because these Robins look for insects all year round, insect attracting trees and shrubs are recommended as is stopping the use of pesticides.

Trees with stringy, fibrous or chunky bark provide good nooks and crannies for insects to hide in, and provide a meal for insect eating birds.

The sound of the Eastern Yellow Robin is bought to you curtesy of Bill Rankin and Tony Bayliss of the Wildlife Sound Recording Group has kindly provided RWG with wildlife sound recordings for our 'Wildlife in Focus" episodes.

If you’ve seen an eastern yellow robin, send in a photo ,or drop us a line. to or by post to 2RRR P.O. Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675, or post them on Real World Gardeners facebook page, and I’ll post a CD or some seeds, in return.

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