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October 12th, 2018


Eastern Spinebill

Did you think all honeyeaters were on the large side in Australia?

Well if you did, you’ll be surprised to learn that there’s a tiny honey eater weighing only 11 grams.

Not only that, the Eastern Spinebill is the only Australian honeyeater that will feed will flying.

So how can you spot them because they’re bound to be terribly shy?

Firstly get up at the crack of dawn, when most birds are out and about then listen to what Holly has to say about them.



Let’s find out more.


 I'm talking with Dr Holly Parsons from

America has the humming bird but Australia has the Eastern Spinebill which can hover will extracting nectar from flowers.

Not as spectacular as the hummingbirds, but pretty amazing all the same.

You can spot the eastern spinebill male has a grey black crown, white chest and throat with a rusty patch right in the middle, plus a beautifully curved beak to get the nectar from flowers, particularly tubular flowers.

Listen out for their call which as a few variations. Often though it includes a staccato like twittering.

If your garden is near bushland and you want to attract the eastern spinebill, then think about planting more of those tubular flowers like epacrids ( pictured below) and correas.


Epacris impressa var, grandiflora

Also smaller flowering grevilleas like Grevillea sericea and Grevillea speciosa.

If you have any questions about beds either for me or for Holly why not email 

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