Real World Gardener Dig, Plant, Grow, Part 1 in Design Elements

July 18th, 2019

Dig, Plant, Grow
A lot of people from all ages, would like to start gardening but don't know where to begin

This new series called ‘dig, plant, grow’ is all about starting a garden either from scratch or perhaps you’ve inherited a garden and want to know what to do. 

In either case you’ll be doing some digging.

My own garden in the rain: photo M Cannon

Let’s find out how to start. 
I'm talking with Glenice Buck of Glenice Buck Designs 

  • Glenice suggests digging a BIG hole!
  • Yep, 50cm deep if you can go that far without hitting bedrock. Not  for the faint hearted. 
    • this gives you an idea of what soil layers and textures you have.


  • Add a bucket of water to the hole to see how fast it drains away. This is testing the drainage of your soil.
  • You can't change climate, aspect, soil texture and drainage of your soil, but it pays to know what you're dealing with.
Glenice runs her workshops in Young, however there are similar workshops in all capitals and regional centres. Check out your local newspaper for more information. 
For example, Sydney Community College runs a workshop which covers those topics called Small Space Gardening, which I run. It’s on a Monday evening. 
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