Real World Gardener Designs for Long Thin Rectangle Gardens

March 3rd, 2013

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Design Elements


with Landscape Designer, Louise McDaid

Over the coming weeks, landscape
Designer, Louise McDaid will be giving you expert solutions to some of the most
common problems that home-owners are faced with. Last week we started with how
to make a small garden seem bigger. There were many ideas on how to achieve the
illusion of how to make your garden seem bigger. Colour and the way you arrange
receding and non-receding colours in your garden was one way that gave you the
illusion of a bigger garden, so was plant texture. But todays problem has to be
tackled differently.

Let’s find out how we deal with a
garden that’s long and thin..

Horizontal lines were the main
design tip to give your garden the illusion that your garden seems a bit wider
than it is.

Hedging horizontally will give you
that look. Then there was that fabulous tip about concave steps.

Why not try it some of these tips
out if you have that type of garden?

There’s a lot of information in that
design element that you can hear again on We’d love to see photos of any change
you’ve done the garden, or perhaps just write in the details and send it in to. or write in to 2RRR P.O. Box 644
Gladesville NSW 1675

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