Real World Gardener Designs for a Big Garden

March 7th, 2013

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Design Elements

with Landscape Design Louise McDaid.
Over the last few weeks, Design
Elements has been dealing with garden design problems that are the most common.
A couple of weeks ago we started with how to make a small garden seem bigger. A good tip was to slightly narrow a path at the far end of the garden, making the garden seem longer.
The following week we dealt with "how to make a long and thin rectangle of a garden seem wider." Using horizontal lines works wonders. Remember if you're trying on a dress or shirt with horizontal stripes, it's going to make you seem wider in the mirror?

Today, the garden or yard is just
too big, in fact it’s a bit overwhelming and you just don’t know where to
Let’s find out how to tackle this
Garden rooms are a great way to
divide up the space into more manageable bits, and you don’t have to complete
each garden room at once.
Why not try it some of these tips
out if you have that type of garden?
We’d love to see photos of any change
you’ve done the garden, or perhaps just write in the details and send it in to. or write in to 2RRR P.O. Box 644
Gladesville NSW 1675

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