Real World Gardener Design principles part 1 in Design Elements

May 27th, 2021


Design Principles part 1 an introduction 

Most people’s backyards are a square or rectangular affair, and if it’s flat, doesn’t offer much to the imagination.
Picture this, you walk out the back door and you see the whole yard or garden in one brief sweep.
What about being a bit more creative?

Photo: M Cannon

Let’s find out how.

PLAY: Garden Design Principles pt 1_17th March 2021

That was Glenice Buck of

Glenice's top  tips

  1. Consider what you have already in the garden and work with it.
  2. Look at the geometry of the site and decide if you want to work with it.
  3. Create a sense of enclosure, even if it's only a small area in a corner so that you don't see the whole garden from the back door. 
    1. You could plant out something tall to hide part of the garden so it’s a sort of secret garden.
  4. Consider the scale and size of the structures in the garden, can they be changed?
  5. Mass planting creates uniformity and is good design-choose odd numbers, 3, 5 and so on.
  6. Use symmetry versus asymmetrical, which one should you choose?
  7. Use lines and curves-consider the two different shapes in your garden. You can have curves in a narrow garden. 
  8. Look at what foliage can bring to the garden; flowers are a bonus as they aren't always there.
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