Real World Gardener Design Elements is Gardening on Rocky Soil Part 1

May 25th, 2014


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Rocky outcrop in garden

with Landscape Designer Louise McDaid

Do you have a rocky outcrop in your garden?

Or do you have a patch where the soil’s quite shallow or you don’t have any soil at all.

Maybe you’ve got lots of rocks that need to be sifted out before you plant anything.

So what do you do? Over the next four weeks, this new series on design elements, is dealing with gardening on rocky, shallow, or now soil.

We’ll be covering plants that can cope with very little soil, and there’ll be advice on raised garden beds and even no dig gardening.

Remember the top tips: work out your soil depth in different areas of the garden. Remove as many rocks as you can and stockpile them for use later on. Add compost and manure to what soil you do have. Use any exposed rock as as a feature with plantings in pockets of soil and around in and build up your soil level.

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