Real World Gardener Design Elements and Pleaching

September 28th, 2014

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with landscape designer Jason Cornish

A good looking and beautifully trimmed hedge is a sight to behold, giving structure to the garden and setting off all the other plants.

A bad looking hedge is an eyesore, and draws your attention away from all the good looking plants you have in the garden.


But what can you do about those bad hedges, especially if they have no leaves down the bottom part of the hedge?



Unlike Europe where you see them growing in a lot of the elegant gardens like Hidcote in the Cotswolds, where they  use Hornbeams and Linden trees, here in Australia, the climate is against us to those kind of hedges on stilts.

Plus we’re probably not that keen to do all that work to get them trained that way, and think of the tall ladders you might need to prune them?

Still, doing it the cheats way might give you a satisfactory look if you are wanting to grow something at the base of the hedge for a different look.

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