Real World Gardener Creating Garden Edges in Design Elements

July 9th, 2019


Create a Garden Edge:

How do you create a garden edge for your lovely path that you created to keep those plants from growing into it?

There’s a few different ways it seems and some more labour intensive than others.

Let’s find out..

I'm talking with Landscape Designer, and, Director of Urban Meadows Jason Cornish.


Brick edging can look amateur if not done correctly.

Steel edges look great and are relatively easy to install. Some even interlock and have spikes that anchor them into the ground.

The cheap way is to use those second hand bricks left and dig a trench and put them straight in.

  • Of course there’s always a better way of doing that same job and that’s to lay down sand and mortar so that the bricks won’t move if your lawnmower knocks them.

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