Real World Gardener Create an Outdoor Room in Design Elements

May 19th, 2017



Outdoor Rooms-Including the Kitchen Sink


Whatever you think an outdoor room is, it’s probably not going to have all the bells and whistles of the kitchen you have in your house.

But, say your outdoor eating space is best at the back of the yard or down a flight of stairs, what do you do then?





Australia is too sunny to always be eating indoors so you might think about doing a bit more than the good ole’ BBQ.

Let’s find out?


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That was Matt Leacy Principal Landscape Designer and Director of Landart Landscapes.


You may not want to go the whole hogg of fridge, dishwasher and fancy BBQ in your outdoor room, but I think the Pizza oven sounds like a great idea. 


Soon you’ll be making your own pizza dough, and buying a pizza peel, that’s one of those wooden or metal spatula type implements that puts your pizza into the pizza oven.

Whatever you do in your outdoor room, don’t forget the garden.


An outdoor room without a garden is just to droll to contemplate.

If you have any questions about outdoor rooms write in to

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