Real World Gardener Create a Tactile and Sensory Garden in Design Elements

November 9th, 2017


Creating Tactile and Sensory Gardens


For those gardens with just green leaves you need to zhoosh up the place with some touchy feely leaves.

So that when you walk along the garden path, you can brush your hand along the leaves of the plants for a nice intoxicating scent of just for the feel of the leaf;peculiar, sensational or otherwise.

But what else are gardens for?


Chelsea Flower Show photo M Cannon

Let’s find out. I'm talking with Peter Nixon, principle of Paradisus Garden Design


PLAY: Tactile and Sensory gardens_25th October 2017



Peter mentioned these two mostly

Sinningia bullata is like a fibrous bowling ball.

Kalanchoe beharensis-(pictured right) Madagascar felt plant has contorted silver grey leaves that looks wicked.


The best place to get these succulents is at African Violet societies for the sinningia and Succulent societies for the Kalanchoe beharensis.


Let’s not forget the textured aromatic leaves of Pelargoniums.



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