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October 19th, 2014

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with garden designer Lesley Simpson


succulent Coral Garden-My Island Home. photo M Cannon


A couple of weeks ago I spoke to a guest Melbourne landscape designer, Phil Withers.

Phil had created a garden called My Island Home which had a coral reef bed made up of succulents.

It looked like the real deal-a coral reel made up of plants.

So keeping in that theme of creating things with succulents, it’s possible to create other types of themes using succulent plants.

The ideas for using succulents to do another concept are endless.

What about a river bed of succulents? 

Ever thought of a fairy garden with succulents?

Or even a gnome’s garden?

Succulents in a bowl? 

photo M Cannon


There’s plenty of possibilities and on the up-side succulents are pretty drought tolerant and forgiving because succulents store water in their leave, stems and roots.  Because the roots of succulent plants are relatively shallow, a bowl or dish can look great. Just make sure that your pot has good drainage, or that you can put holes in it.

Just because they're drought hardy doesn't mean they like to bake in the midday sun.

Most succulents do best if they are in the direct sun for only a few hours a day. Many need protection from getting scorched in the mid-day sun, but almost all need some bright, indirect light. Succulents can actually suffer from sunburn!

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