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October 26th, 2014

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with Lesley Simpson, garden designer.

Create a Rose Garden

photo M Cannon

What’s your favourite flower? <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" />

A better question is what’s your favourite flower that you can grow in your district?

Roses are probably up there as number one favourite flower but for a lot of places in Australia, they’re tricky to grow.

But, if you’ve developed the knack for growing roses, and you could grow a few more, why not create a special rose garden.


There’s plenty of different ideas for creating rose gardens and this was just one of them.

After all what could be more romantic than roses in the garden-over an archway, adorning a pillar, climbing a lattice or just a row of roses.

Rosa Cornelia photo M Cannon


Rosa Stella Gray

If you love to smell the roses why not grow at least one in a pot if you haven’t got the right amount of sunlight or conditions in your garden?

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