Real World Gardener Crazy Ajuga or Carpet Bugle is Plant of the Week

April 30th, 2019


Carpet Bugle:Ajuga reptans


Do you want a ground cover that suits shade, still flowers and provides plenty of colour?

William Turner, a 16th century physician and naturalist described it as ‘It is a blacke herbe and it groweth in shaddowy places and moyst groundes.’-



Ajuga-tricolour.jpgI'm talking with Jeremy Critchley owner of and Karen Smith editor of

Let’s find out. more.

Spoiler alert, there’s a new variety out now called Ajuga Princess Nadia. Lookout for it in your nearest garden centre.

Not only does Carpet Bugle cope with shade but it copes with sun as long as it gets sufficient watering.

Nobody knows why it’s really called Bugle flower , it’s one of botany’s mysteries.

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