Real World Gardener Cool Garden Design With Ferns in Design Elements

January 31st, 2014

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with Landscape Designer Louise McDaid

Planting and maintaining trees and green life can reduce energy use.

Did you know that shade from trees to roofs and/or windows actually reduce indoor temperatures by a staggering 6–12°C in summer?

Did you also know that a single 8m tree strategically grown near a house to maximize wind breaking and shading effects can reduce annual heating a cooling costs by as much as 12%?

On hot days looking out onto a green garden is not only soothing, but having lots of different plants of different heights, helps cool things down.

Let’s find out some more ways of cooling the garden....

If you want a garden that is luxuriant with stunning foliage that offers a cooling effect, then ferns are the way to go.

Ferns are so adaptable, you can even find ferns in Central Australia in areas that are moist after a good rain.

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