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March 12th, 2016

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Most gardeners will know that tomatoes are botanically a fruit, but as we also know, we think of tomatoes as vegetables.

Tomatoes looking great. photo M Cannon

Why is it that we love to grow tomatoes so much?

Probably because store bought tomatoes are somewhat lacking in flavour and they’re relatively easy to germinate and get growing.

But then, unless you have ideal climatic conditions, often you’re tomato plants are besieged with problems.

Let’s find out about how to deal with pests on tomatoes in part 1 of what’s going on with my tomatoes?

Sap suckers can be grouped together: aphids, whitefly and mites. The last 2 tend to live on the underside of the leaf and causes a silvery appearance.

The problem won't go away and unless you treat it, your tomato plants will suffer more.

eco%2Bfruit%2Bfly%2Btrap.jpgaphids tend to cluster on the tips of the new shoots and leaves causing leaf distortion.

Spray with eco Oil which is a botanical oil and less harmful to beneficial insects.

Some of the solutions are pretty easy, like when dealing with pests that suck the sap of your plants.

On the other hand fruit fly needs to be tackled early in the growing season; that's back in Spring.

Hang out a fruit fly lure to check when they first start to appear, then begin using Spinosad based spray such as Eco Naturalure.

Garden loopers are easy to pick off if you can spot them. Check amongst your Basil plants, especially if you've planted them near your tomatoes.

Garden loopers could first start on your Basil plants then progress to your tomatoes. photo M Cannon

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