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December 28th, 2014

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 with landscape designer Christopher Owen

Ever wondered what a concept garden is?

What it isn’t, is a garden theme or style because they’re clearly defined.


Chinese Garden-pavilion, lake and willow, Sydney. photo Louise Brooks

A garden theme is best explained by using examples like, blue and white garden, conifer garden, fern garden or Japanese garden.

Garden style is formal, informal, contemporary, modernist, gardenesque and so on.


Chelsea Flower Show display garden 2013, photo M Cannon

Next time to see garden makeovers or show gardens you’ll know not to copy them judiciously because it does involve a bit of smoke and mirrors to make it look spectacular.

The number one aspect is that plants are planted closely to make them look lush, but don’t do that in your garden, because they’ll crowd each other out and the whole design will start looking a mess.

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