Real World Gardener Colour Series-Green in Design Elements

January 15th, 2016

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Green as the Main Colour Scheme

Foliage colour leads this garden design.

Would you believe that not everyone likes flowers in the garden.
But colour just doesn’t colour from flowers, it also can come from, foliage, bark, pottery, furniture, fences and even artwork, but in the end it is all about colour.  
So what kind of a garden is it with no flowers?
Listen to the podcast to find out more.
That was English Garden Designer Lesley Simpson.
The easiest colour scheme to use is the one that uses only one colour and green as the main colour is very calming and refreshing.

Green doesn't need the addition of anything else to make it work and of course we're really talking about using different types of foliage colour in the garden scheme.

There's a huge range of foliage colour to choose from; the blue-greys of Eucalypts, silver foliage of Mediterranean plants to lime greens and variegated foliage.
When you get down to it, our gardens are really about colour and are meant to enhance our lives.
Perhaps also to make our homes look better from the street.

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