Real World Gardener Colour For Autumn Around Australia in Design Elements

April 24th, 2017



Plectranthus ecklonii

Plants for Colour in Autumn in All Climate Zones Around Australia.


Are you thinking about annuals when it comes to choosing colour for Autumn?

Perhaps you have a tree with spectacular Autumn colour?


Camellia "Star Above Star"


Lavatera maritima

Whatever you decide, there’s always one more thing that you can add to bring in extra zing to your garden.


Let’s find out what’s the best colour for Autumn in your district.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon, Director of Paradisus Garden Design. 



Don’t just think of showy flowers like annuals, but perennials whether sub-shrubs, small trees.

Don’t you just want to rush out and get Camellia Start Above Star which is not the normal variety of Camellia?

Peter of course mentioned quite a few choices for various climates around Australia.

  • Warm coastal zones-Plectranthus ecklonii, a sub-shrub.
  • Cooler Gardens-Camellia vernalis "Star Above Star.
  • Tropical gardens-Syzygium wilsonii, the Powder Puff Lilly Pilly
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