Real World Gardener Climbing Plants in Garden Design

May 13th, 2013

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Design Elements

with Garden Designer Lesley Simpson

Why do plants climb? Is it because
most climbing plants originated from rainforests and needed to reach the light?
That’s one theory.

Plus so many climbing plants have
different ways of reaching the top.

They can be twining stems with
tendrils like Mandevillas and Stephanotis, or scrambling like Banskia Roses, or
have thorns like Bouganvillea.

Let’s review some of these climbers
for your garden now…

Climbing plants are useful if you
haven’t got much room in your garden because they add a vertical element to
your garden and most of them don’t take up much room. Most need a support of
some sort, and most are evergreen, so even if they’re not flowering, there’s some
vertical interest with the leaves all year round.
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