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July 15th, 2016

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Climbing Plants for a Temperate Climate

Not all climbers take over your garden and not all climbers, hardly any really, are maintenance free.

Stephanotis floribunda photo M Cannon

But if you choose carefully, you can fit a number of climbers into your garden to give you maximum benefit of luxurious green foliage and scented or unscented flowers.

This week it’s about climbers that are suited for a temperate climate, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t grow them wherever you are.

Let’s find out. I'm talking with Glenice Buck, Consulting Arborist and Landscape Designer.

Glenice mentioned

Stephanotis or Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda)

This is a more moderated climber which has a delicious perfume.  The fragrance is a favourite of mine. The flowers are small star shaped waxy blooms which hang in bunches. It likes a sheltered position in full to partial sun and well-drained soil.  It tends to cope with a hotter spot as long as its roots are shaded.  This climber will grow in warmer climates also.  It is tendril climber.

Hardenbergia (Hardenbergia violacea)

It is a vigorous evergreen climber that can also be grown as a ground cover in full sun to dappled shade and well-drained soil.  It has few varieties such as happy wanderer which is a purple form.  Its leaves almost look like Eucalyptus leaves.

Hardenbergia violaceae photo M Cannon


Hibbertia scandens or the Guinea Flower with bright yellow flowers and is native to Australia,



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