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July 15th, 2016

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Chestnut Crowned Babbler - An Australian Bird

Did you know that Australian birds are being studied by scientists overseas and the bird on today’s show has been found to be able communicate in a similar way to how humans use language?

Chestnut Crowned Babbler, photo Graeme Chapman

Chestnut Crowned Babblers have a distinct white stripe over their eye.

They also have a curved beak a bit like a honey eater which they use to search for food by probing amongst leaf litter and twigs on the ground. These Babblers are a bit bigger than your average Pee Wee to give you some gauge as to their size.  

So let’s find out I'm talking with  Dr Holly Parsons, Manager of Birds in Backyards. 

Babbler birds were found to combine two sounds (let’s call them sound A and sound B) to generate calls associated with specific behaviours.

In flight, they used an "A-B" call to make their whereabouts known, but when alerting chicks to food they combined the sounds differently to make "B-A-B".

The birds seemed to understand the meaning of the calls.

Chestnut Crowned Babbler photo Trinity News Daily

When the feeding call was played back to them, they looked at nests, while when they heard a flight call they looked at the sky.

How interesting is that?

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