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April 26th, 2018


Carnations New and Old

Scinetific Name: Dianthus caryophyllus

Did your dad or grandad, grow certain flowers in your garden which you think are too hard to grow?

Well the plant world and it’s bevy of hybridisers have been working garden to make this old fashioned flower new again.

They probably grew the "old school"carnations which grew long and lanky and needed some type of staking to prevent them flopping over.

Let’s find out how to grow the newer varieties.

I'm talking with Karen Smith, editor of and Jeremy Critchley owner of



Dianthus caryophyllus Oscar series.


Carnations love alkaline soil , therefore adding lime to the garden bed will help with any acidic soil problems.

Tip: Not to be grown where Azaleas and Camellias like to grow.

Keeping your Carnations tip pruned will encourage more flowering.


Carnation Oscar is a dwarf growing to 10cm in only 5 colours but designed for the balcony gardener.

Super Trooper and Sunfloor-also a dwarf around 20-25cm in height, with a high amount of fragrance.

In fact it’s hard to choose between what makes carnations special;the fragrance or the flower.

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