Real World Gardener Camellia Faves in Plant of the Week

July 9th, 2019


Choosing Camellias

Are you a fan of camellias?

Perhaps you’ve never thought of growing them?

You may be surprised to learn that they are a plant that can put up with a lot of neglect and still manage to flower magnificently during winter.

Let’s find out what are some favourites.

I'm talking with Jeremy Critchley of and Karen Smith editor of


Camellias mentioned:


Camellia 'Lovelight'

Camellia japonica Lovelight: pure white with boss of yellow stamens.

Camellia japonica WH Davies Descanso: pale pink, anemonoflora type

Camellia Betty Cuthbert: Pink double

Camellia japonica Dona de Freitas de Magales-pale purple

 If you’re wanting to add to camellias in your garden, now’s the time to look around for ones you really like.

Don’t just settle for what’s in one nursery. Go online to see what else can be gotten for that extra special camellia.


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