Real World Gardener Butterflies Gardening Part 2

March 16th, 2014


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with ecologist Sue Stevens.

Butterfly Gardening part 2


Did you know that butterflies are and indicator of the environment’s health?

How’s this for an interesting fact about butterflies?

Monarch butterflies are known for their long migration. Every year monarch butterflies will travel a great distance (sometimes over 4000 km), females will lay eggs and a new generation of monarchs will travel back, completing the cycle. And Butterflies attach their eggs to leaves with a special glue.

Not bad ?

Websites for looking up butterflies are the Museums of Australia, Queensland and Victoria. These sites are  great for finding out specific food plants of butterflies.The books were Australian butterflies in Colour by Charles McCubbin, “Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden” by Densey Clyne, also the Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia by Michael F Braby.

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