Real World Gardener Burmese Honeysuckle is Plant of the Week

February 23rd, 2017

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Burmese Honeysuckle: Lonicera hildebrandiana


If you like the colour golden yellow and you like perfume in the garden, consider planting one of the world’s most spectacular climbers.



The scent is to die for and it’ll knock your eyes out as well.

Yes, it’s a climber but you can let it scramble over the ground.

Let’s find out about this plant.

I'm talking with the plant panel Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal and Jeremy Critchley, The Green Gallery wholesale nursery owner.


Play: Lonicera_Hildebrandiana_15th February_2017

Burmese%2Bhoneysuckle.jpgBurmese honeysuckle is a non-invasive version of honeysuckle but be warned it’s a climber on steroids.

Often said by Peter Nixon garden designer, " you might need a whip and a chair to keep this one under control."


What may entice you though is that its berries taste just like Gin and Tonic.

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