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October 31st, 2014

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The complete CRN edition of RWG is available on , just click on 2RRR to find this week’s edition. The new theme is sung by Harry Hughes from his album Songs of the Garden. You can hear samples of the album from the website www.songsofthegarden.comDESIGN ELEMENTS


with landscape designer Brent Reid

photo M Cannon

proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2F4.bp.blogspot.comMy next guest has worked in the landscaping industry for 16 years, learning the ropes at Semken Landscaping whilst studying Horticulture at Burnley College and Holmesglen College.

After working with some of Melbourne (and Australia’s) best landscape designers at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Brent’s passion for landscape design was born, which led to designing gardens for TV shows.

This next garden called Connect-was designed with the family in mind.


proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2F4.bp.blogspot.comThe garden has been designed to be a family garden. There is a central structure which connects the family where they can eat, relax and come together to enjoy quality time. There are two distinct area wither side of the central structure. The first side is a parent’s retreat with detailed plantings, a touch of lawn and some canopy trees sheltering a beautiful birdbath by Willie Wildlife. The second side to the garden is the kid’s area with secret hiding spots and a dedicated fruit, vegetable and herb garden joined by an open lawn for playing. The garden is partly enclosed by walls and hedging plants.

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