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January 10th, 2015

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with Karen Smith, editor of

Duranta repens

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Native to southern USA (i.e. Texas and southern Florida), Mexico, Central America.

A garden and hedge plant used a lot in the wetter and sub-humid areas of Australia.

 Duranta grows upright into a shrub or small tree usually growing 4-6 m tall, but occasionally reaching up to 7 m in height.

 Several newer cultivars, which are thought to be less invasive, are still very popular in cultivation (e.g. Duranta erecta 'Sheena's Gold', Duranta erecta 'Geisha Girl', Duranta erecta 'Alba' and Duranta erecta 'Variegata').



 Would you like to grow a bushy evergreen shrub with weeping branches, pale green leaves and deep blue perfumed flowers with white centres that are at the ends of the weeping branches?

Sometimes called golden dewdrop, skyflower and pigeon berry. Sound alright doesn’t it?


Did you know that Duranta was named after Castor Durantes - a Roman physician and botanist?


Durant repens the species is a large, fast-growing, shrub that makes a great screen or background plant, but is too vigorous and tall to use against the foundations of a house or in small areas. Go for the smaller growing cultivars like Geisha Girl.

The clusters of fragrant, pale blue flowers attract butterflies in summer and are followed by bunches of golden-orange berries that’s popular with birds.

If you have any questions about growing pigeon berry or Duranta, why not write in to

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