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August 7th, 2015

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Talking with Karen Smith from www.hortjournal and Jeremy Critchley

Australia has a diverse range of plants that many wouldn’t recognise as being native other than the usual suspects of Eucalypts, Grevilleas, Bottlebrushes and Banksias.


In steps a climbing vine that is so lush you’d think it came from the rainforests of Madagascar or Sumatra.

Pandorea jasminoides or Bower of Beauty or Bower Vine.

But it turns out to be truly a native plant with dark green glossy leaves and lightly scented flowers that measure around 5cm across.

 Even though Bower vine comes from tropical and sub-tropical rainforests, it’ll grow well in southern states if you give it plenty of moisture and protect it from frosts when it’s a young plant.

The newer varieties are Jazzy Bellz-white with deep maroon throats, Ritzy Bellz-pure white petals and throat, Sassy Bellz-medium pink with crimson throat and Flirty Bellz-soft pink with ruffled edges and a dark pink throat.

Same as the original but the distance between the internodes is shorter so appears even more lush, if that was possible.

Large white trumpet flowers with golden centres and is often seen growing all over Australia.

It can be easily trained over fences and trellises forming a dense screen.

I also have a white one with a yellow “throat.”

So, what’s the difference.

Well the original climb to 3 metres high and 5 metres wide. That’s big. I have it climbing over a large arch but it’s not that wide so a trim during the growing season with hedge clippers is need a couple of times.

Jazzy Bellz

Why grow one at all? Bird attracting- Suitable for hedge- - Fast growing

So attractive, I had a birds nest in it for the last two years.

Flowers mainly in Spring and Summer, then you get the long seed pods filled with winged seeds that germinate easily given the right conditions.

I’ve given away quite a few plants that have been grown from seed.

Well there are more varieties out now under the hybrid name “Auzzie Bellz”…with an unusual spelling.

The varieties Jazzyy Bells masses of clean white flowers with ruffled edges and a deep crimson and Sassy Bellz-a darker pink with a crimson throat.

Both only grow to 40 cm

That makes them suitable for pots being more compact, growing to only 40 cm

Use on trellis and pots or on a frame.

There’s also two more varieties that grow as big as the original Pandorea jasminoides but with a deep red flower called Ruby Bellz and a yellow flower with a white throat.



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